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Please use the contact form below. We respond to _ALL_ legitimate support requests, often within an hour or two, but virtually always within 24 hours. That's true if you use the form below or if you write to us directly.

PROBLEM: Spam filters sometimes prevent our e-mails from reaching our customers' inboxes, making it seem like we're not replying.

IF YOU DON'T RECEIVE A REPLY from us within 24 hours at the very most, something is probably wrong. Check your spam filters!

IF YOU DON'T RECEIVE A COPY of the e-mail you submit in the form below, then something is definitely wrong. When you submit, our system always sends a copy to you at the same time that it sends the copy to our support system. If you don't get it, then either you mistyped your e-mail address or your copy is being labeled as spam and blocked from reaching your inbox.


  1. Make sure that our support e-mail address is in your e-mail address book. That helps identify us as an accepted contact so that e-mails from us don't end up in your junk folder. Our e-mail address is support _AT_ simpleurl _DOT_ com written as a real e-mail address, of course.
  2. Check any spam filters/junk folders provided by your ISP or your e-mail software.
  3. Write to us from another e-mail address you have, or ask a friend to write to us for you from their account.

NOTE - We've noticed that many gmail users are suddenly having trouble getting our support messages, passwords and renewal notices. If you are a gmail user, make sure you put our address in your gmail address book and check your spam filters for our messages.


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