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The domain pricing depends on the number of domains in your order. Click on the tabs above to see pricing for the various order sizes.

TLD1st YearAdd. YearSpecial (Notes)
.com$16.00 Ea$15.00 / year
.net$18.50 Ea$17.50 / year
.org$17.75 Ea$16.75 / year
.info$27.00 Ea$26.00 / year
.biz$24.00 Ea$23.00 / year
.us$15.00 Ea$14.00 / year
.cc$21.00 Ea$20.00 / year
.co$35.00 Ea$35.00 / year
.me$26.00 Ea$25.00 / year
.mobi$35.00 Ea$34.00 / year
TLD1st YearAdd. YearSpecial*
.com$15.50 Ea$15.00 / year
.net$18.00 Ea$17.50 / year
.org$17.25 Ea$16.75 / year
.info$26.50 Ea$26.00 / year
.biz$23.50 Ea$23.00 / year
.us$14.50 Ea$14.00 / year
.cc$20.50 Ea$20.00 / year
.co$35.00 Ea$35.00 / year
.me$25.50 Ea$25.00 / year
.mobi$34.50 Ea$34.00 / year
TLD1st YearAdd. YearSpecial*
.com$15.00 Ea$15.00 / year
.net$17.50 Ea$17.50 / year
.org$16.75 Ea$16.75 / year
.info$26.00 Ea$26.00 / year
.biz$23.00 Ea$23.00 / year
.us$14.00 Ea$14.00 / year
.cc$20.00 Ea$20.00 / year
.co$35.00 Ea$35.00 / year
.me$25.00 Ea$25.00 / year
.mobi$34.00 Ea$34.00 / year

- Special Price is for 1 year only on new registrations.
- All fees are included in the price.
- Domains cannot be registered for more than 10 years.

We make domain management simple for you with...

- heavily discounted domain name registrations and renewals
- easy and inexpensive domain transfers to us
- free domain forwarding to other web addresses
- free e-mail forwarding to other e-mail addresses
- a domain control panel for each domain name
- a domain manager for tracking your domains

Simple Domain Services

We also provide inexpensive services for your domains, like:

- state-of-the-art e-mail service for any domain
- a domain webpage set up for immediate publishing
- full website hosting with a built-in website editor

All services are organized in your account with us. Your e-mail address is your username.

About Us

Our business name is Simple Online Solutions --- and since 1997, that's exactly what we've provided to our customers - simple online solutions. As you will see, we're simple, not fancy.

So what distinguishes our service from virtually every other online company?

That's easy. We keep things simple and we treat our customers as we would our personal friends. Our customers number in the thousands and span the globe.

To get a feel for how we provide friendly, simple solutions, please read some customer comments (below). If you'll become our customer, we'll treat you as a friend as well.

George Duggan - owner

Customer Testimonials

"In a space with so much competition that's notorious for bad service, I regularly recommend to my friends and colleagues as a cost effective service with top notch support. I wouldn't think of registering my domains anywhere else."

Leo Notenboom

"I recommend SimpleURL often as it’s the perfect intersection of reasonable pricing and great customer service. I’ve used them for years for all of my production sites and, now, so do a lot of friends and colleagues."

Randy Cassingham, online publisher since 1994

"I transferred all my website services to Simple Online Solutions. Having everything in one place is very convenient and the control panel features are easy to use to manage my website, webmail, and domains. I appreciate your fast, friendly and patient customer service. Plus all this comes at a significant cost savings over my previous providers. So much at such a great price - I wish I had switched sooner! I will be sure to recommend SOS at every opportunity. Thanks again for all your help."

Cathy Hooley - Goose Tracks Quilts

"We registered, our very first domain, with Simple Online Solutions in 1999, two years after SOS was founded. Since then the company has managed hundreds of domains for us - exclusively, and I wouldnt think of going anywhere else. Unlike the early years, hosting and domain registration have become less complex, not to mention less expensive. But when you do run into a snag or merely need a question answered, you can count on George for the right answer, the first time around, and generally within hours. Extraordinary support, almost nonexistent these days, and always personal. Much appreciated!"

Helmut Heindel

"Over the years we've registered hundreds of domains through SimpleURL. And I must say, your service is simply outstanding. Anytime we have a problem or a question you are right there with answers. Our emails get answered quickly and problems are resolved immediately. The one or two extra dollars we spend to register through SimpleURL is worth it in many ways."

Dan Jordan

"I've been a very happy SimpleURL customer for several years. My website has been "up" 100 percent of the time, the email works great, and support questions are answered promptly by a real human being (with a real first name!). This is the way all businesses should operate: honestly, efficiently, and fairly priced."

Stu Smith

"Thanks for your prompt feedback. Also thanks for your knowledgeable responsiveness and professionalism. It's become quite a rarity in tech support these days. Keep up the good work."

Tony Foltman

"Thanks for the prompt reply. I like your new website. Please continue to keep it simple. I sometimes have to manage a customer's website from GoDaddy or Network Solutions for several months before I can transfer it to you, and they are a nightmare to deal with. As always, your service is great, that is why I subscribe to Simple URL. "

Quinn Golden

"I have used a number of other registries both in Australia and around the world, but SimpleURL's service, speed and value have eclipsed them all. Thanks again - I'll be recommending your service to colleagues and customers alike."

Tim Grainger

"Thanks for this! I'm ecstatic that I found your site! Such GREAT prices!"

Peter Bright Media

"Thanks so much for your for real person help. I wish all the providers were this helpful. I plan on recommending your site to everybody I know and that they should get their domain names there and post there site there too."

Don Nelson

"You're GREAT!! I thank you from the bottom of my heart for your assistance and patience. Incredible service! And you can quote me on that."

Diane Spiegel

"I've been registering my domains with George since the year 2000, and have had only helpful interactions with him. "Here's a toast to your continued and increasing success!" "

Alyssa Ryvers

"My husband and I are both small business owners. We have been doing business with George for many years now and wouldn't dream of going elsewhere. He is extremely prompt and helpful, VERY responsive via email. His site is easy to navigate. "

Patty Brennan

"I would like to thank you and your company for being trustworthy, and professional, in a world of e-mail scams and misdirections. I have registered, and have instructed many of my friends and family to register, with your company over the years. I am more than pleased to continue to do so. ((The very fact that you are requesting my permission, and using a real testimonial from an actual customer, impresses me too. You can add that line too.)) "

George Orr

"Just so you know, I _do_ recommend your service to others when the subject comes up. We are very pleased and have no complaints whatsoever. I've been a customer now for what, 10+ years, I think. In other words, you've never given me a reason to look elsewhere, and that is worth a lot. I don't have to worry. I know where to get and keep my domains, and when friends and associates tell me about other alternatives they've discovered, I merely shrug and tell them what I just told you. "


"At Cook for Good, I recommend that people splurge on coffee, vegetables you can't peel, and Simple Online Solutions. Scrimp elsewhere if you must, but make sure your domain registration is in good hands. I've been a delighted customer since 1999, never more so than when SOS recently helped me get back an expired URL that someone wanted to buy. George's quick response led to a deal that more than paid for a decade of domain registrations or two months of groceries! "

Linda Watson, chief cook and researcher