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SOS Starterpage

Note: we are no longer taking on new customers for this service!

Starterpage is an easy way to build and maintain a one page website of any length for a total cost of only $20 per year.

To create or edit your starterpage site, you:

  • login to your account with us
  • click the Manage link under the SOS Starterpage section
  • type your text into our built-in web editor that will appear
  • add any images you want to use
  • publish your website to the internet by clicking the Save button

That's it. When you save your work, it will immediately appear on the internet at your domain address. To update your webpage, you return to your account, make whatever changes you want, and click the Save Changes button again. The update is immediate.

To be clear, you:

  1. don't need a special hosting account
  2. don't need to upload files to our server (except for any images you want to use)
  3. don't need any special software (even for uploading images)
  4. don't need to learn HTML

As a result, you can create, update and manage your Starterpage from any computer connected to the internet.

Ready? You can order Starterpage by logging into your SOS Account

Can a complete newbie do this?

Yes. Our website editor is a WYSIWYG editor - that's "What You See Is What You Get". You can see exactly what you're creating on your monitor as you work. When you save it, that's what appears on the internet - instantly. By clicking clearly marked buttons on the editor, you can easily


  • change the size of any text, or make it appear bold, underlined and in italics
  • change the font color of any text
  • set the background color of the page
  • left justify, center or right justify any section of text
  • make bulleted or numbered lists
  • add horizontal rules to help set off your information (note the blue ones below)
  • create links to other websites or to e-mail addresses

((By the way, there is a button in the editor that will allow you to see and edit all the HTML, if you ever want to do that.))

One Caution - ALL built-in website editors have some quirks and bugs. Unlike word processor software that's loaded onto your computer, website builder software that's loaded on a server relies on your browser (Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari, Opera, Crome, etc.) as an interpreter between you and the software. Since there are so many different versions of each of the browsers, it's virtually impossible to make website builder software that works perfectly with all the available browsers. We have found that our editor works pretty well with most browsers, but it's likely you will run into a few quirks in using it. Usually, with a little imagination and patience, you can work around them to achieve exactly what you want.




But you can do a lot more than just type and highlight...

Our editor includes a complete menu for incorporating full featured tables into your design. In website creation, tables can be used for a lot more than just displaying data. They allow you to control the formatting of each section of your page.

Here is a very simple example of what you might do with a table. I specified that this table would be 75% of the width of the page. I also made it so that I could have a left and right column of information, as you can see. Making a table that has one row but two columns allows you to do that. And once you create different cells in a table, you can do special things within each cell that doesn't affect the others. For example, I can easily put a background color in this cell, as you can see.

So, our WYSIWYG editor will allow you to easily create tables within your site, with any number and arrangements of cells within the tables. With clear and obvious buttons, you can combine adjoining cells together to create larger and wider sections. So ultimately, you have a large degree of freedom in how you display your information. To a large extent, you're limited only by your imagination. The basic learning curve is pretty short.


You can also use the editor to add images to your website. This is a 2 cell table with a border which I specified to be 60% of the width of the page. I then put an image in the right cell, with a few words below it.

Simple Online Solutions

And I'm putting this text underneath.


And you can create links to other websites as well.

Ready? You can order Starterpage by logging into your SOS Account

Help with your Starterpage site...

We don't have the time to help customers design their websites. However, we do have a set of help notes in your account that you can reference at any time. When you click the Help link in the Starterpage section of your account, a page will pop up that goes through all the details of the editor.

In fact, all the help notes pages on our entire site were made using our website editor. And we continue update all help note information as we get feedback from customers.

If you don't currently have an account with us, you can go to the login page and create one. It's free, and will give you access to all the help notes so you can see for yourself if Starterpage is right for you.

Upgrading to a full hosting plan...

One nice feature of the starterpage website is that if you ever outgrow it, you'll be fully trained to move up to our normal website hosting plan. It uses the same WYSIWYG editor PLUS it has an filemanager wrapped into it, in case you want to upload other files to your hosting account.

Of course, with our hosting plan, you'll be able to create as many website pages as you want. Each one will be created just like the Starterpage you began with.

The Starterpage cost is $20 per year. The complete hosting plan is $50 per year. You can make the changeover at any time. You'll be credited with any time you had remaining on your starterpage account. So, when you're ready, we're ready.

To sign up for a Starterpage site...

Simply log into your account and go down to the Starterpage section. It will be clear what you need to do.

To sign up for a full hosting site...

Simply log into your account and go down to the Hosting section. It will be equally clear what you need to do.